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The Christmas Boxes

In the UK it is traditional at Christmas time for schools and other organisations to fill shoeboxes with gifts, stationery, sweets and accessories, and these boxes are then sent to less fortunate children round Europe. This poem is from the view of the children eagerly awaiting these boxes. The poetic style is done this way so that it can be adapted into song.
The Christmas Boxes
On the edge of the hills at the foot of a slope,
In the snows of December a child dared to hope.
Would the ice bring him joy? Would the boxes appear?
Oh please bring the boxes again this year.

Those bright coloured boxes that came from afar,
With pencils and pens and a shiny blue car.
Some paper and sweets, oh how we'll cheer,
So please bring the boxes for Christmas this year.

A hat and a scarf, a tube of toothpaste.
I loved to just squeeze out the cold minty taste.
My friend got a bear that had fluffy round ears.
Oh please bring the boxes again this year.

Then one day it happened, the roar of the van.
I saw through the window an old, red-faced man.
I was so overjoyed, I could not stop the tears.
We'll all have a shoebox again this year.