Elvis Under The Covers

2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the death of The King Of Rock And Roll, Elvis Presley. Elvis Under The Covers explores the legacy of The King in terms of the artists that have covered six of his most popular songs.

Sometimes I learn something that just blows my mind. Today, I learnt something that made me think 'why didn't I already know that?'

Carl Perkins, part of the Million Dollar Quartet and the author of Blue Suede Shoes was the subject of this morning's research. Some things I didn't know about the late great Mr Perkins...

He played guitar on Johnny Cash's A Boy Named Sue
He opened for Cash at San Quentin and Folsom
He wrote Cash's Daddy Sang Bass

I am sure there will be more....

PS Coming soon - exciting news about the book cover!

The six songs featured in the book are...

Can't Help Falling In Love
In The Ghetto
Don't Be Cruel
Heartbreak Hotel
Jailhouse Rock
Teddy Bear

These Elvis originals have been covered more than any others.



I have frequent debates with my son about the merits of modern artists such as Justin Bieber versus The King himself. He doubts the popularity of Elvis Presley based on his number of YouTube hits.

It cannot be denied that JBs hits are measured in the hundreds of millions, but that is probably because he performs in the digital age.

The six songs featured in Elvis Under The Covers have the following Youtube stats...

Can't Help Falling In Love 47.5m

In The Ghetto 44.4m

Don't Be Cruel 8.2m
Heartbreak Hotel 10.9m
Jailhouse Rock 79.2m
Teddy Bear 2.1m

Not bad for someone who died almost 28 years before YouTube was created!

The foreword for the book will be written by your very own Mike Sanchez.

With contributions from Mike Sanchez, Al Kooper, Mary Coughlan and (hopefully) many more, the book aims to illustrate the everlasting impact that Elvis Presley has had on popular music.

The book is scheduled for release in August 2017, marking the 40th anniversary of the death of The King.