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Hello! Welcome to the online home of author Michael Madden based in Whaley Bridge.

2017 looks like being a very busy year. The History Of Zombies is now at the proof stage, whilst Mmm...No2...Cookbook, the imaginatively titled sequel to Mmm...No1...Cookbook, is nearing completion. However, the real project for this year is Elvis Under The Covers, a book researched almost entirely on the internet exploring the legacy of Elvis Presley through the artists that have covered his songs.

It was finally released in August 2017, to mark the 40th anniversary of the death of The King!

Exciting news - the foreword has been written by Suzi Quatro and there are great essays from Kenny Vance and Mike Sanchez. Other contributors include Wanda Jackson, Tanya Tucker, Chris Spedding, Eddi Reader, Stella Parton, Mary Coughlan and many more.

Here is Hollie Crankshaw's cover artwork.

Elvis Under The Covers on Amazon

I did a ton of radio interviews - very entertaining, and have lined up some book signings. Its available on Amazon in print and on Kindle.

You can find out more at the Facebook page Elvis Under The Covers on Facebook

You can also follow progress on the book page listed on the index of this page.

2015 - Another year, another finished project. This time it was a play, the comic gothic horror telling of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven as performed by Lady M Youth Theatre.

It was a great experience all round. Full details of the cast and crew can be found at www.tumbattle.co.uk.

In total there were 4 shows, and this video is from the last, when the cast found the confidence to get a bit more creative!

In 2014 I completed the biography of Rock And Roll Singer and pianist Mike Sanchez. I first met Mike about three years ago, and we discussed his biography. Things have moved on since then, and I have a publishing deal with Music Mentor books. Material is slowly coming together and the book is due out in early 2014, to celebrate Mike's 50th birthday.

Latest Update: May 2014. The book is now available! Amazon still havent sorted an image out and officially its not launched until 1st June, but it is definitely out there - got my copies yesterday. Mike has been opening for Jeff Beck on the UK leg of his world tour, and last week I found myself in the surreal position of signing flyers in the foyer of the Bridgewater Hall. Its all rock & roll this week too as we head to the 100 Club in London for the official launch, followed by a local launch at Level Two in Buxton on 1st June.

There have been a couple of pieces of publicity

oh yes, and a slight change to the cover!

Latest update: March 2014. The publisher has made his comments and they have been amended and sent back. A few queries around the timeline of The Rockets in the early 80s, but then its all done. Plenty of pictures selected - but still more to do in that area. Still on course to be published in May.

Latest update: January 2014. The book is in the final stage of editing, and will be around 90,000 words or 300-350 pages. The cover design has been done by ex Big Town Playboy and friend of Mike's Antonio Coni.Here is a sneak preview...
...and yes the Foreword has been written by Robert Plant!

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For more information on other stuff visit Michael Madden's blog including a link to an audio presentation of Ole And Zac And The Port Of Tumbattle.

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Incidentally, Ole And Zac And The Port Of Tumbattle is now available on Kindle and Paperback through Amazon.

Mmm...No1...Cookbook now available on Kindle an in paperback

Its actually been a lot of fun as I had to review almost 50 books, going back many years to remember long forgotten novels. I thoroughly recommend the exercise - it brings back a lot of happy memories.


The UK edition of Stags! is now exclusive to Amazon as it is enrolled in KDP Select.

Michael is an IT Manager by profession, but this website is dedicated to his writing.

He has published three books, a children's rhyming picture book "Ole And Zac And The Port Of Tumbattle", and an adult humourous novel "Stags!", and "Mmm...No1...Cookbook" as shown above.

He has been quoted in such noted publications as the New York Times as part of his professional career, and he is a regular contributor to the High Peak Review as a freelance journalist.

Michael can be contacted at Mikemadden1@gmail.com

Cover notes from Stags!

Michael Madden has worked for many years in the IT industry, as a result of which he has been quoted in publications as prestigious as the New York Times, however, until recently writing has been very much a part time occupation. He published the children's picture book "Ole And Zac And The Port Of Tumbattle" (FASTPRINT PUBLISHING, 2010), and he has had several articles published in newspapers and magazines. His subject matter is varied, ranging from the growth in Print On Demand publishing, to articles on Olympic hopefuls, and even a preview and review of a performance by rockabilly legend Sleepy Labeef, that included an interview with the singer himself.
This is his first venture into adult humorous fiction, and he is determined to make a success of it, despite being told by a number of literary agents and publishers that the market for this genre does not really exist.
He has also performed as an after dinner speaker on a number of occasions, as a result of another of his passions, playing amateur cricket.
Originally from Sale in Cheshire, Michael now lives with his wife Sally in the more peaceful surroundings of Whaley Bridge, in the Peak District.